Your House of Worship

The resources here are aimed at helping your house of worship to raise awareness, conduct your own fundraising campaign, and advocacy.

Awareness is about dialog, sharing stories, and communications. Be sure to see the LBB Social Media for a Q&A and examples, and the Blog for stories:

Love Beyond Borders Talking Points
Write a Story for Our Blog
A Church Story Example
Children: The Hidden Pandemic
Covax Talking Points

Your Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising Ideas
A Brief Planning Guide
Community Impact Guide. This is a handbook on organizing a church activity. It is written by and for Methodist churches but can be adapted to any house of worship.

Advocacy (See also awareness resources)

An Introduction to Advocacy for Houses of Worship

Contributed Resources

How to Support the Love My Neighbor Project (Contributed by Love My Neighbor, Canada)
How Local Officials Can Support Love My Neighbor (Contributed by Love My Neighbor, Canada)

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