Humanitarian Advocacy

In June 2016 the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) created a new initiative in Humanitarian Advocacy.  The aim of this initiative is to equip member alliances and NGOs to work with local faith communities on humanitarian issues.  This work emphasizes three strategies:

  • Developing evidence in support of the efficacy of local faith community ministry in humanitarian crises;
    • One way this is carried out is through the WEA Lab
  • Advocacy on behalf of local faith communities and their ministries to the vulnerable, including survivors of humanitarian crisis, children, and more.

The principles behind Humanitarian Advocacy are expressed through the WEA position paper on the role of the Evangelical community in international development, which is available here:  A Call to Commitment .  A related paper on the role of faith-based academic institutions is available here: The Role of Faith-Based Academic Institutions.

You can read more about the aims and strategies of Humanitarian Advocacy here: WEA and Humanitarian Advocacy

You may also want to visit the Humanitarian Advocacy Facebook page and sign up for the Humanitarian Advocacy blog

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