United Nations

Humanitarian Advocacy and Service engages with the United Nations through (1) commitments to the World Humanitarian Summit, (2) the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, and (3) participation in special meetings and events.

UN World Humanitarian Summit

Humanitarian Advocacy monitors and implements the WEA commitments to the World Humanitarian Summit.  These commitments reflect WEA’s commitment to serving vulnerable people globally, fostering sustainable development, and equipping local faith communities for service.  The list of the WHS outcomes, the commitments to support these outcomes and WEA action is available here: WEA Commitments to WHS.  You may also be interested in this SUMMARY OF WHS SPECIAL SESSION ON RELIGIOUS ENGAGEMENT .

Human Rights Council

The WEA has a permanent seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council.  When presentations to the council involve areas where Humanitarian Advocacy is involved, or when advocacy can assist the work of the UN representative, then we participate the UN teams work.  You can see more about the work of the WEA at the UN here.

Other UN Initiatives

Humanitarian Advocacy also participates in special events, such as the World Humanitarian Summit, and collaborates with partners and members on humanitarian projects, such as the the World Vision / UNICEF campaign to end violence against children.

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