Resources for Children and Youth

These guides and resources for youth are for educators, youth leaders, and parents seeking ways to help children and youth understand and, more importantly, find ways to take action. Understanding and action are key ways to help all people, and especially children, have a sense of control during these difficult times. Please contact us if you have requests or suggestions about these or other resources.

The Love Beyond Borders Curriculum for Children and Youth
Love Beyond Borders strives to make people aware of the worldwide need for vaccines, advocate for equal distribution as a justice issue, and to contribute financially to supply COVAX to places in the world that struggle to get the vaccine. This curriculum engages children and youth with activities and stories that connect ending the pandemic with putting faith into action. We are providing the complete draft version of the curricula, below, and will update this link as soon as the final production version is available.

Out of the Box Curriculum for Youth

Out of the Box Curriculum for Elementary Age Children

Introductory Video on the Curriculum with author Courtney Randall (Part 1 of 2)

Introductory Video Part 2, Curriculum for Children (Part 2 of 2)

Powerpoint Presentation on LBB Curriculum for Young Children

Service Learning Camp Schedule (Discussed in the second video)

Other Guides and Resources for Children and Families
We assembled a selection of resources that not only focus on the pandemic but also the related pandemic impacts on hunger, poverty, and child development.

A Brief Family Guide to Discussing the Pandemic

UNICEF – Covid-19 is the biggest crisis for children in 75 years.

Expert Panel on the Long Term Impact of the Pandemic on Children (Recording April 2022)

Summary of the Panel Discussion of the Pandemic and Children