Pandemic, Hunger, and Poverty

In addition to advocating for Covax so that everyone can be vaccinated, we also work to raise awareness about the near-term and long-term impacts of the pandemic. The near-term health impacts are most effectively addressed by vaccination. The long-term impacts are more complex. We have chosen to focus on three topics related to long-term effects: Impacts on children, the exacerbation of poverty and hunger, and the role of the church in helping communities.

Covid has exacerbated other disasters, and hunger is one of the most concerning. We are preparing a webinar on the Moral Imperative to End the Pandemic Driven Poverty and Hunger and will place the child and youth-related resources here, and the recording and other resources under House of Worship Resources when complete. The webinar is tentatively the first week of April. If you signup for updates you will receive the announcement.

Family Activities on Hunger

How to talk to your family about hunger

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