Musing . . a period of reflection on a year of pandemic

MUSING . . . a period of reflection on a year of pandemic

Rev. Carla Stengel has graciously dedicated the profits from her book Musing . . . a period of reflection on a year of pandemic to go to support Covax. The book is available on Amazon using the link at the bottom.

Thoughtfully written, not to give simple answers, but to ask deep questions of faith and life together on this planet, Musings is about the insights and seeking that come through a crisis during a global pandemic. Always giving the assurance — God is with us — the author believes that faith and spiritual growth are about living into the questions, observing the world and God around us, and seeking wisdom in the words of mystics and scholars of generations past. Each devotion is based on one word — a single moment in time — observed through the year of pandemic. A scripture, quote, and photos taken by the author are part of each devotion. (Description from Amazon)

Author Bio

“Carla Stengel is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church where she has served in a variety of church settings.  She also served as the Director of Contextual Education at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio where she received her Doctorate of Ministry.  She has taught classes in pastoral supervision at United and at the Pohly Center for Supervision and Leadership Formation as well as at church retreats focused on spiritual practices.
After retirement, she has found deepening spirituality through writing, photography, reading, gardening, and cooking.  She lives with her husband, John, in a log home in Greene County, Ohio along with her dogs, chipmunks, squirrels, birds, and butterflies.  She also enjoys sharing the wonders of the natural world during visits by her three grandsons and their families.”

Musing may be purchased on Amazon