The Humanitarian Advocacy work by International Community Research is on behalf of the World Evangelical Alliance.  This work equips local faith communities, national and regional alliances, and faith-based NGOs for humanitarian work.  It makes possible the workshops, training programs, consultations and research to increase the effectiveness and quality of humanitarian advocacy by the Evangelical community.  This humanitarian work is supported by donations to the World Evangelical Alliance.

Since our work often means going to areas with refugees, we also bring donations to buy food, clothing and other supplies.  For example, resources for refugees in Kenya, food for displaced people in Ukraine, including orphans.  Donations can specify a project or country of interest.

If you wish to support Humanitarian Advocacy by ICR and WEA by making a tax deductible donation, use this link or the logo below to go to the WEA support page, and enter “Humanitarian Advocacy” as the purpose of your donation.

Thank you.

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