Disaster Risk Reduction

ICR sees disaster ministry as the expression of the fundamental mission of the church to bear witness to work God’s work in the world through compassion, justice and service to the most vulnerable among us.  In response, ICR developed the program Church Based Community Resilience (CBCR)

Disasters are becoming both more frequent and more destructive. As communities find themselves overwhelmed by disasters, the Church becomes increasingly engaged in disaster relief and recovery work. Though some churches and denominations have specialized ministries, or even disaster relief arms, by and large, local congregations are vulnerable and often not prepared to respond effectively to disasters and to the needs that arise as a result of disasters. Thus, there is a need to equip the average Church to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

Just as importantly, we believe the church has a special role to play in communities becoming more resilient to disasters. The CBCR program was designed to equip churches for this role, and through the church, build more resilient communities.

The materials for this program are available here, and are free to be used.  We just ask that if you are interested in using these please get permission and provide proper credit for the source.




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