Creating Shared Resilience

Weaving is symbolic of resilience as each strand
contributes and supports the strength of the other strands so
that collectively they become a very strong fabric.

The Creating Shared Resilience book equips churches for community engagement and NGOs for collaboration with churches. Authors David Boan and Josh Ayers have assembled a set of resources for Shared Resilience in conjunction with the soon to be released workbook on resilience. In general, these resources are:

Presentation and Workshop Powerpoint files. These are on a variety of resilience-related topics collected from the talks and workshops we have done over the years. They are listed below with brief descriptions.

Handouts and Guides. These are tools to go with a presentation or discussion, such as sample discussion topics, survey guides, etc.

Workbook. This is the draft workbook, which means it is still being edited, so use at your own risk. 😉

References. This is a list of additional resources, such as papers and books that we recommend and sometimes incorporate into our workshops.

Case Studies. These are stories about Evangelical Alliances that built a community of shared resilience.

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