Love Beyond Borders is a national faith-based campaign initiated by the mission team at Boise First United Methodist Church (Cathedral of the Rockies hereinafter COTR) in Boise, Idaho.  The campaign’s aim is to help bring about a just and equitable distribution of Covid vaccines by increasing access to vaccines by people of the Majority World (Africa, Asia, South America).  The COTR Missions Team was inspired by a program called Love My Neighbor in Canada that is supporting vaccine access for the poorest countries of the world.  This site describes the program and provides resources for participants.  The program is open to all people.

Our key partner in this campaign is UNICEF-USA.  The UNICEF campaign operates under the tagline of The Interfaith Movement to End the Pandemic. Love Beyond Border is a founding member of that movement. UNICEF is the implementing partner for the Covax coalition which is the global partnership seeking to send the pandemic.  Love Beyond Borders is seeking donations to UNICEF that will be used to support Covax.

Love Beyond Borders seeks to engage the public in four key actions:

  1. Donate to UNICEF and Covax
  2. Communicate with others to raise awareness of the panemic’s consequences and the need for vaccines
  3. Advocate to government and corporations to support Covax
  4. Engage you organization, your house of worship, your family, or your community to donate, communicate, or advocate for Covax.

This website provides the resources to support the four strategies.  In addition, we have recruited a group of writers from around thr world to provide stories about how the pandemic is impacting people’s lives.